Sylvia: 67 years – Free Spirit – Maryborough QLD

I have now been a below knee amputee for 49 years and in 2008 for the first since my amputation I was given the freedom of movement, all thanks to the skill and knowledge of Barry Leech.

In May of 2008 following a great deal of frustration and disappointment with my long-term provider, I decided a change was needed. I could barely walk and spent a great deal of down time resting my stump none of which was conducive to a harmonious family life or working full time.

I was apprehensive during my first consultation however Barry talked to me, about my stump, the componentry best suited to my needs and my concerns, and actually listened to ME.

I came away from that first meeting full of hope, then the hard work began. The suspension was different the whole feel of the prosthesis was altered. Barry taught me to walk again it was quite intense. However, two weeks after all the hard work, I walked away on a comfortable leg and a much happier and confident person.

Barry and the team are very professional, nothing is too much trouble and go to great lengths to explain things. You are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. The whole team are passionate and persistent when faced with clients’ problems, and there is never a situation where ‘good enough’ is ‘good enough’.

I wish I had met Barry earlier following my amputation, Barry is the most important man in my life after my wonderful husband Les.