About Us

Our staff are on a continuous journey to learn and improve their unique skills in providing prosthetics at every opportunity. Our clinicians maintain their professional development by applying the latest prosthetic technology and evidence-based practice.

Barry Leech

Director/ Principal Prosthetist / Orthotist AOPA86. MISPO

Barry has the distinction of having practised his profession for 55 years and is considered a prominent specialist within his profession and with our clients. Barry has maintained his professional proficiency by staying knowledgeable with all new componentry and techniques available to ensure our clients have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.

Barry’s skill, experience, care and a comprehensive approach to clients and their families has enabled him to maintain long term relationships which continues to encourage our staff.

Barry has had a very diversified career in that he was the initial Aid Expert assigned by the Australian Government to assist in Bangladesh (1972) and again in 1993 to Cambodia.

During Barry’s many years in Canberra he was the Prosthetic practitioner and consultant to AIS Aussie Able programme, through Barcelona 1992 preparation, Atlanta 1996 preparation, culminating in a supportive clinical role at Sydney 2000 Paralympics with Team Otto Bock.

In 2008, we began our association with the Cairns Base Hospital providing services to the interim amputees of far north Queensland. We have maintained and continue to provide this service through the Amputee Clinic at Cairns Hospital, working closely and in unison with the Physiotherapy Department.

In 2011, we began our association with Osseointegration Group of Australia as a prosthetic componentry consultant. For a prosthetist to begin their career making wooden limbs and witness the technology advance into integrated implants is quite an achievement.

Barry’s attention to detail, commitment and passion for his profession will always provide the ultimate solutions for our clients.

Michele T. Mahoney

Director / QA Manager / Company Secretary B.BAFM

Michele’s working life began in nursing at the ‘original’ Children’s Hospital in Camperdown NSW.

Moving to Queensland in 2002 the opportunity to enter collaboration with Barry became available and Barry Leech Prosthetics & Orthotics Pty Ltd was opened in 2003.

During the early years of the business, Michele studied to gain her Degree in Business, Financial and Marketing Administration. It has been a steep learning curve to study as well as gaining the education on the prosthetic aspects, all regulatory and government systems and managing the business, however it has all been very rewarding.

Michele sustains the working side of the business by administering the requirements necessary to ensure the continuity and ongoing commitment by all members of staff to achieve improvement in everything we provide to our clients.

Samantha Leech

Office Manager / Office Administration

Sam has over 20 years of working experience in administration. Sam joined Barry Leech Prosthetics & Orthotics in 2003 and has always been a helpful and considerate point of contact either by phone or at our facility in Southport.

Some would say her experience with amputees spans a lifetime, having been surrounded by the profession all of her life with some of her fondest memories including going to work with Dad on school holidays playing with plaster and chatting to clients.

Sam is compassionate, happy, and enthusiastic staff member and looks forward to answering your phone calls or welcoming you in person with a cup of coffee or tea.

Phillip Marin

Senior Prosthetic Technician

Phillip started with Barry Leech Prosthetics & Orthotics Pty Ltd in 2008 and has been working as a Prosthetic technician for over 17 years. Phil’s attention to detail, expertise and commitment delivers extraordinary excellence with progressive clinical fabrication techniques applying contemporary materials.

John Isted

Office Manager and Technical Advisor

John has been working in the prosthetic industry for over 41 years.

John’s career began as a prosthetic technician with Blatchford & Sons in the United Kingdom and remained with them for 18 years.

In 1994 John migrated to Australia taking a position as a Senior Technician.

This role eventually led to becoming more involved with Sales and Wholesale distribution and into the role of Prosthetic Business Development, while still maintaining his technical skills.

With over 22 years within the Australian prosthetic industry we are happy to have John’s wealth of knowledge and expertise as our Manager and Technical Supervisor at our Cairns facility.

Kayla Doyle

B. HS/M. Clinical P&O Prosthetist/Orthotist MAOPA

Kayla graduated from La Trobe University in November 2017 with a Masters in Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics and brings with her a commitment to her profession and clients.

During the four years of study Kayla diversified her knowledge by volunteering her time in various clinical and technical positions. These experiences have contributed to her abilities as a confident professional.

Kayla's love of travel has provided her and us with the opportunity to introduce her to our wonderfully diverse client base in Cairns, following intensive induction at our Gold Coast facility.

Kayla is friendly, compassionate and dedicated to providing the best possible outcome to our clients, and a very welcomed addition to our team.

May Eugenio

Reception and Administration

While living in Manila Philippines in a variety of administrative positions, between 2004-2007 May attained a position as a School Administration Manager for JOP-(Japan-Okinawa-Philippine) which is a prep school for International Students.

This encouraged May to pursue her own opportunities for education and May arrived in Australia in 2007 as an International Student studying Medical Administration at Holmesglen TAFE in Melbourne.

In 2009 May became an Australian Resident and began working full time for Savers Australia an International Thrift Corporation, where she achieved the position of Front End Supervisor.

May joined Barry Leech Prosthetics & Orthotics Pty Ltd Cairns facility in 2017 and offers a beautiful smile, a willingness to help and a welcoming attitude.