Simone: 31 years – Cattle Farm Worker NSW

One of the best decisions I have ever made was transferring my prosthetic care to Barry Leech Prosthetics & Orthotics.

Following a traumatic farm accident at the age of 23, my leg was amputated above my knee. For years, I struggled to wear and use a prosthetic limb. As I walked my stump would move violently up and down in my socket. I was embarrassed to go out in public because my prosthetic limb made a horrendous sound and I was fearful of it completely falling off.

The Barry Leech Prosthetics & Orthotics team understood that what worked for one client did not necessarily work for the next. With their extensive experience and incredible problem solving skills, they created a prosthetic limb that I could trust and was proud to wear. With the new prosthetic, I had more energy and was able to regain the zest for life that I had lost after my amputation.

From my experience, the team at Barry Leech Prosthetics & Orthotics conscientiously keeps apprised of new technologies, products & developments in the field of prosthetics and they were incredibly supportive when I underwent the process of Osseointegration. As a client, I feel confident that Barry’s team are actively searching for ways to assist me in enhancing my quality of life.

Barry Leech Prosthetics & Orthotics customer service is impeccable. No issue is too trivial or too strenuous to solve. I always feel like I am a priority and the exceptional follow up care gives me piece of mind.